Work Experiences.

January 2023 - today

Research Associate

At the University Hospital Würzburg (UKW) and the University of Würzburg (JMU), I teach and research in the field of medical informatics at the Institute for Medical Data Sciences (UKW) and the Institute for Clinical Epidemiology and Biometry (JMU).

August 2016 - today

Freelance IT Consultant

My freelance projects have been in various fields and included, for example, work on a commercial information system for various local governments and on an interdisciplinary and multinational research database. Furthermore, I have been involved in the conception and implementation of various web-based software projects.

January 2017 - December 2022

Research Associate

In the Institute for Databases and Information Systems at Ulm University, I contributed to various projects in the field of digital health and business process management. In addition, I have organized and designed lectures, tutorials and seminars as well as given talks at courses and conferences.

2012 - 2016

Student and Scientific Assistant

During my studies I held multiple tutorials on software development for the Institute of Software Engineering and Programming Languages as well as systems programming for the Institute of Distributed Systems at the Ulm University.


Digital Health

The technological revolution is history. Now the focus is on the further development of preventive healthcare with modern, human-centered systems.

Data Engineering & Analytics

Discovering clever combinations of data engineering and data analytics using established technologies and languages.

App Research

The Android platform is made up of a wide variety of devices, versions and distributions and has grown into a complex ecosystem. My interest focuses on the development and operation of digital health apps on the Android platform.

Information Systems

Databases, especially relational databases, are technological marvels and constitute the backbone of the Web. With the help of workflow management systems, information flows and processing can be controlled and made traceable.

The Web

The web is and always will be of interest to me. From discussions on digital society to the latest technologies and trends.

Linux & FOSS

One of the greatest achievements of free societies is the possibility of informational self-management and self-organization.

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